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Use rates from any source.

Are you getting rates from several different sources? No problem. Add in all the rate sources you want.

  • Carrier rate sheets

    Get your carrier contract rates and rate sheets organized for better sales performance.

  • Carrier spot rates

    Compare spot quotes from multiple carriers within seconds with only one search.

  • Agent rates sheets

    Agents rates can also be imported automatically into Flowquote.

Add your own markups, charges and terms.

You will not make much money on rates alone, you need to add your own markups and also charges for your own services. Add in as many markups and charges as you wish.

  • Add markups on all rates

    Add markups on all rates - a fixed sum or percentage.

  • Use your own charges

    Add your markups on charges.

  • Set up terms and conditions

    Set up your own general terms and conditions, or set up specific terms and conditions for specific user groups.

Calculate from all sources.

One quote calculation will use rates from all available rate sources at the same time.

  • Find best price from all sources

    FlowQuote makes it easy for you or your customers to make the right choice.

  • Show all routing options

    Base your quotation options on price, transit time and routing options, which the carriers make available to you.

  • Set number of offers

    You have the choice of how many offers you display.

Set your own customer groups.

Do you wish to have higher markups for some customers and maybe give other customers a discount. Set up different customer groups and set different markups and charges for each group.

  • Set unlimited customer groups

    Define different customer groups fitting to the pricing policy you have.

  • Set markups per customer group

    Add markups on rates and charges differing by customer groups.

Virtual assistance.

Rates you receive by email from carriers and agents as attachments can be processed automatically. Your rates will be up to date at any time.

  • Terms & Conditions

    Your individual Terms and Conditions will be attached to any quotation sent out.

  • Validity Dates

    How long your quotations are valid for your customers is decided by you.

  • Reminders

    Define what emails are sent out at what time to follow up on quotations or to remind your sales staff to follow up.

Send quotations as PDF directly from

When you have made a quotation it can be saved as a PDF and sent to your customer directly from FlowQuote.

  • Save quotes as PDF

    and download them on your computer.

  • Send quotes directly

    to your customers from FlowQuote by email with the quotation as an attachment.

  • Customer online quoting

    makes it possible for you to allow your customers to log in and create their own quotes.